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New contract with our long-term partner in Indonesia!

Jakarta, Sept.13, 2019. BMKG and MFI signed fresh agreement in Jakarta on Sept. 13th, 2019 for a second phase (named Scaling Up) of its modernization process called "Strengthening BMKG Weather and Climate service capacity".

This reflects the quality of the long-term cooperation between Indonesia and France in meteorology, especially between Météo-France group and BMKG, as well as the deep satisfaction of BMKG for MFI services during initial phase ending late 2015 during COP21 meeting in Paris. This also echoes the statement of French authorities who had announced full readiness of Government of France to finance the next step of BMKG modernization process.

The Scaling Up Project now gives opportunity to BMKG, over the 2020-2022 period, to consolidate the foundations already built during the initial Strengthening Project. Through the project, BMKG is ready to address new challenges faced by the meteorological community such as improvement of warnings taking into account impact on human activities (Impact Based Forecast) and mass production in support to weather and climate sensitive economic sectors.

In this respect, and among others, the Project will deliver state of the art forecasting and warning solution for BMKG HQ and all 34 provinces. It will make BMKG climate and seasonal forecast information easily available to the public. Aviation safety will be improved in 30 selected airports. Last, BMKG national lightning detection network will be extended over Sumatra island.

It is very unusual in meteorology that a comprehensive modernization project like the Strengthening Project is followed by a Phase 2 project of a similar size and with the same partner: MFI. It highlights the relevance of the selected approach, which combines "Design and Build" implementation, full system integration, and continuous support to change management process.

French Treasury, as the project development partner, is again bringing financing solution to Government of Indonesia for this new phase, which fully validates the innovative and pioneer all in one approach endorsed by BMKG.

BMKG and MFI are jointly working on a continuous modernization process, based on a shared vision, in line with the Presidential goals.

The Scaling Up Project is one fresh step on this long-term journey!