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Our CEO tells WMO about MFI's unique DBO approach

How to best implement the Meteorological Value Chain at the national level? How to best use the public monies in the most effective and sustainable ways? These are the challenges of this decade for a lot of National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs), and no NMHS can embrace the whole value chain with the same level of energy. Public-Private Engagement would address those challenges, within which the DBO (Design Build Operate) approach could bring a lot of incentives to NMHS in the field of system integration, change managementandsustainability. It is also fully compliant with the spirit of the Geneva Declaration -2019 endorsed during the 18th World Meteorological Congress.

PPE-DBO approach also brings proven Key Success Factors that MFI already experienced and introduced in the past 10-15 years in various contexts like in Indonesia, Cambodia, Angola, India.

In the following article, we suggest; (i) deep change in the way of designing projects and of procuring integrated projects (along with multi-year support); (ii) higher focus on non-technical aspects (Key Success Factors); and (iii) clearer share of responsibilities on such endeavours between development partners, WMO, advanced NMHSs, Private sector and Academy.

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