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Once again, MFI and Météo-France gain the trust of the African Union Commission

and Météo-France (MF) have been involved in the AMESD initiative (African Monitoring of the Environment for Sustainable Development) since 2010. The aim of this European program was to provide African nations with the resources they need to manage their environment efficiently and ensure sustainable development in the region.

Five years ago, in a consortium headed by Telespazio, MFI worked in close relationship with Météo-France's CMS (Centre de Météorologie Spatiale) to provide autonomous systems to 47 African countries and 5 regional training centers in order to help them receive, process and display data from the EUMETCast dataflow organized by Eumetsat. MF-MFI solution (well known as Puma2010) was based on two systems: ARCHIPEL for satellite data processing and SYNERGIE for visualization and interaction. Puma2010 systems have been working smoothly since 2011 and have raised unanimous appreciation from users and from Eumetsat.

Late 2014, in the new frame of MESA (Monitoring of Environment and Security in Africa) as a contribution to GMES Africa initiative of the EU-Africa Joint Strategy, the African Union Commission launched a new call for tenders, again on European funds, in order to replace the existing Puma2010 systems and also provide new systems in new designated locations.

Once again the team formed by Telespazio, MFI and Météo-France has been awarded the contract proving thereby the effectiveness of the ARCHIPEL / SYNERGIE solution and the renewed confidence expressed by African authorities.

Thanks to a well packaged and rationalized solution, the deployment of the new systems in the 47 countries should be easy and quick and the project is expected to be completed by the 3rd quarter of 2016, for the benefit of a growing African community.