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COP21: MFI was there!

The Strengthening Project, carried out by MFI for BMKG (Indonesian government agency for meteorology, climatology and geophysics) was selected to be showcased during the international conference COP21 as a major contribution to the efforts made by Indonesian authorities in the context of global fight against climate change.

The Strengthening Project deals with the reinforcement of the whole Indonesian meteorological infrastructure, including all information systems. It is funded through a soft loan from the French government and stands out as an exceptional example of efficient cooperation between two countries in the field of meteorology.

It is also a step forward in providing Indonesian authorities with means and decision-making material to take up the challenge of climate change.

MFI and BMKG's executives also chose the setting of the COP21 to organize a little ceremony in order to end the project as its full completion has been assessed by all stakeholders. The signature of an official closing certificate took place at the national Indonesian pavilion in the presence of H.E. Mrs. Retno Marsudi, Minister for Foreign Affairs for Indonesia.