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Happy birthday Prometeo!

Prometeo is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of French know-how and equipment in the fields of meteorology, hydrology, oceanography and environment.

Created in 1984, Prometeo is now celebrating its 30th birthday and counts 18 active members, including MFI whose VP, Michel Pousse, is currently president of the association.

Prometeo is a wonderful medium to promote French meteorological know-how and technologies abroad.

The association organizes several events a year across the world in order to create business opportunities for its members. The last event took place in May in Hanoï, in collaboration with Ubifrance and was the occasion, for all the participating members to expose their offer to Asian decision-makers and start establishing profitable business relationships in the area. The next Prometeo event will be held in Gabon next September opening perspective in all central Africa.

The proof that Prometeo is a dynamic organization... despite its growing age!

Budapest, Buenos Aires, Brussels, Dakar, Mexico, Hanoï... Through Prometeo, French meteorological know-how shines thoughout the world