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Meteolux chooses METEOFACTORY®

MFI has been working with Meteolux, the national meteorological service from Luxembourg, since 2007. Over the years, the organization has acquired several systems from MFI such as TRANSMET, CLISYS, SYNERGIE and AEROMET-WEB. Today, Meteolux puts its trust in MFI again by selecting our PWS & EWS solution: METEOFACTORY®.

Thanks to METEOFACTORY®, Meteolux will have the capacity to design and broadcast warnings and different types of meteorologcial products through all kinds of media. MFI will provide the system with customized templates for specific products responding to Meteolux's expectations:
- Weather report for general public
- Agro-meteorological report
- Health report
- River service report
-"AGE sunshine duration" report that indicates maximal temperatures, duration of sunshine and quantity of rainfall.