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MFI is going to implement its first RCC in Botswana

MFI is very proud to announce that it recently won a market to carry out the creation of the Regional Climate Center (RCC) of the SADC (Southern Africa Development Community), under African Development Bank funding.

Based in Gaborone (Botswana), this RCC will allow 15 countries from the region to strengthen their capacity in terms of long-range forecasting (LRF) and climate monitoring. A crucial step towards better grasping the challenges of climate change and optimizing economic development planning in the area.

, intervening as a turnkey contractor, will provide all necessary information systems as well as integration services and support services such as training and transfer of know-how.


To know more about RCC, do not hesitate to consult the brochure dedicated by the OMM on this subject:

RCC Brochure