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MFI's Vice-President re-elected at the presidency of PROMETEO

On March the 30th, Michel POUSSE, MFI's Vice-President was re-elected at the presidency of PROMETEO, for a two-year mandate.

PROMETEO is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion, on an international level, of French know-how and equipment in the fields of meteorology, hydrology, oceanography and environment. Created in 1984, the association currently counts 19 active members.

PROMETEO organizes several events a year across the world in order to create business opportunities for its members. The most recent event took place beginning of April in Nairobi (Kenya), in collaboration with Businessfrance. Its objective was to allow participating members to expose their offer to Eastern African decision-makers and start establishing profitable business relationships in the area.

For more information about PROMETEO, visit the website at http://www.prometeo.asso.fr/