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MFI sets a foot in Argentina

In 2015, we decided to explore the Latin American continent and started a long marketing campaign consisting in establishing the foundations of a future distribution network, making contact with local representatives and other stakeholders, etc.

We started harvesting the fruit of our labor mid-2016 with the signatures of several significant cooperation agreements: in July, MFI signed a memorandum of understanding with the Bolivian Ministry of Environment and Water (MMAyA) and the National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology (SENAMHI) in order to validate a bilateral cooperation for the modernization and the strengthening of the national meteorological infrastructure. The project includes observation infrastructure, information systems and enhancement of service capacity. A similar agreement was signed in December with the Civil Aviation Directorate of Paraguay which is the supervising body of the National Meteorological Service. And a third agreement was signed on December the 5th between MFI, Météo-France and the National Meteorological Service of Argentina.

In all these agreements, MFI is designated as the sole operator qualified to carry out ambitious integrated modernizing projects and export the know-how and solutions of Météo-France, recognized as one of the most advanced meteorological services in the world.

The effectiveness of these agreements has already proven itself as the National Meteorological Service of Argentina has just placed an order to implement the first phase of its modernizing project with the acquisition of MFI's PWS / EWS (Public Weather Service / Early Warning System) solution, METEOFACTORY®. The objective of this first phase is to allow the Argentinian Met Service to provide better service to the main economic sectors of the country such as agriculture, energy, marine, transportation, tourism and media. We are confident that it will open the way to a wider strengthening project that will include all aspects of the Argentinian met infrastructure.

Official signature ceremony in Buenos Aires on December the 5th 2016

In presence of Dr. Celeste Saulo (Director of National Met Service of Argentina),
Mr Hector Lostri (Secretary of State) and Mr Michel Pousse (MFI's Vice-President)