Integrated Information System


MFI's information system offer is wide and covers all the needs of a national weather service:

- Observation
- Telecommunications
- Forecasting & NWP
- Climatology
- Early warnings and Public Weather Service
- Pilot briefing
- WIS compliance

To learn more about each one of our systems and discover their complete functionalities, please visit our
Meteorological Information Systems section.

"The most efficient information system is worth nothing if it is not integrated with existing infrastructures and other systems.

Integration is MFI's specialty."


In the framework of a Global Integrated Project, MFI is not only going to deliver and implement these systems. MFI is going to connect them with existing equipment, integrate them and ensure that the data workflow goes on smoothly from system to system.In order to do so, MFI has elaborated a step-by-step methodology:

- ON SITE SURVEYS: as a preliminary step to the project, MFI's experts carry out an on-site survey in order to better understand the customer's current situation, take into consideration existing systems and infrastructures, etc.

- DESIGN STUDIES: their role is to define precisely the technical specifications of the systems meant to be implemented.

- FACTORY ENGINEERING: essential phase to personalize and configure the systems according to the customers' needs and requirements.

- LOGISTICS: export projects imply international shipments of goods, numerous trips for the people involved, etc. MFI has a strong experience in dealing with all these logistics issues and is abreast of all transportation and custom formalities.

- ON SITE INSTALLATION: MFI's teams install all software and IT equipment, making sure to integrate them with existing systems and infrastructures. They carry out final adjustments in collaboration with local teams.

- TRAINING & CAPACITY BUILDING: MFI's puts a strong emphasis on training as it is considered as the main means to take its customers to a higher level of skill. MFI's training programs are divided in 2 phases: factory trainings as a first approach, and then on-site trainings to ensure that final users take fully possession of the new systems implemented. In terms of training, MFI works in close collaboration with Météo-France. Our customers can thereby benefit from the expertise of one of the most advanced National Meteorological Services in the world. Specific professional skills, work methods, organization, etc... Météo-France's experts are able to intervene on a wide range of topics and share their operational knowledge of how to run a national weather service on a daily basis. MFI guarantee its customers with an extensive transfer of know-how.

- TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE & LONG-TERM SUPPORT: building strong and lasting relationships with all customers is a priority at MFI and we have come up with an extensive support offer. Once the guarantee period included in all contracts is over, we can provide our customers with a full range of further support services: technical assistance, monitoring of software and equipment implemented, additional training sessions, software upgrades, etc. MFI can also provide its customers with additional data flows such as global models (atmospheric, marine, etc.), post-processed satellite imagery or even specific customized models run on demand by Météo-France.